Our Mission

 Our mission at Wear The Peace is to contribute in creating a world that does not face the issues that it does today. A future where people going through a daily struggle to get food and clean drinking water becomes nonexistent. Where families living in war zones becomes a thing of the past. A world where people don't lose loved ones and homes to unjust conflicts and wars. We use our social media platforms to spread awareness to issues all around the world and we use it as a tool to spark discussion about what we can all do to help.  


When you buy a piece of clothing from Wear The Peace, we formally donate a piece of clothing to someone in need. We also donate 100% of profits from all of our accessories to charities who assist in aiding different humanitarian causes around the world. Through our brand and products, we hope to increase awareness to issues around the world and make a difference with our contributions.

Let's better our world together. (See more about our contributions on our Journey page)


How To Help

A safe learning environment in places like Nigeria and Syria can provide children with a sense of predictability, protection from violence, and a safe place to heal from trauma.

The continent of Africa, with its 1.1 billion people, has a long history of drought, famine, and epidemics. An estimated 30 million people need humanitarian assistance while internal conflict has displaced 9 million within Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia.

The largest humanitarian crisis is happening in Yemen with millions fleeing their homes to escape devastating conflict. They need urgent food, shelter, protection and safety.

Support refugees living in Duniya Community Housing Center through emergency assistance during the Covid-19 lockdown in Athens, Greece. 

Of the 4,800,000+ registered Syrian refugees, 635,324 are residing in Jordan where 86% are living below the local poverty line. Over 13.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance inside the country.

Volunteer teams of doctors and nurses from all over the world give their time and expertise in treating sick and injured children in Palestine and Lebanon's refugee camps, as well as training local care providers.

The search of affordable nutritious food is a primary reason for this exodus as 14% of children under the age of 5 face malnutrition. The South American country of Peru has become a refuge for an estimated 2 million Venezuelans who seek safety and security. 

Uplift an orphan into self-reliance by giving them the tools they need to thrive. A sponsor’s support helps cover essential needs, like food, clothing, health care, and education.

 Low rainfall and poor harvests have led to massive shortages of food in Ethiopia. All funds generated in this campaign will be used for food distribution in Ethiopia. 

Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh is overflowing with 860,000 Rohingya Refugees who escaped persecution in Myanmar making the area the densest population of refugees in the world. 

Thank you for your support! It means the world to us!

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